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Flexible Hybris Developer | Writes about Java, Developer lifestyle, common developer issues | so-close-to-Medior Java Developer | En route to seniority

Here are the stories exploring unusual Java features

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Exploring the effectiveness of Java features

Java mistakes you shouldn’t ignore

Java entertainment stories

Here’s what you can learn from confusing Java questions

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· How to create malware?
· How to use scriptlets?
· Should I use a recursive binary search?
· What’s wrong with null in a HashMap?
· Takeaway

How to create malware?

Here’s how I handle bad management

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· How to notice bad management?
· Good management results
· How to deal with bad management?
· References

How to notice bad management?

Explaining code snippets seniors use

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· Create a map of occurrences
· Doing multiple comparisons
· You want a unique match
· You can analyze lambda
· Senior knows the correct boolean assignment
· Collection or Stream?
· When to order Stream consumers?
· How to use the computeIfAbsent function?
· Schedule a task
· Summary

Create a map of occurrences

And learn rules for useful code comments

Useless crash log — source
// drunk, fix later - source
/* I did this the other way */ - source
Exception up = new Exception("Something is really wrong."); 
throw up; //ha ha - source
Before you go and change anything in the block below, please check out the PhD thesis of <X> from Kansas University engineering library and read each and every one of the 168 pages. Allocate a minimum of…

What are the perks your tech company should have?
· Flexible time schedule — more work motivation
· Dope office space
· Managers care about you
· Employer eliminates your obstacles
· You can pursue your ideas
· You have a competitive salary
· Your job stands out
· Takeaway
· References

Flexible time schedule — more work motivation

Here’s what backend developers can learn from frontend developers

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· Frontend development is hardcore
· JavaScript isn’t frontend
· Frontend thrives from conventions
· Frontend developers are more flexible
· Stable backend, unstable frontend
· Takeaway
· Resources

Frontend development is hardcore

What made me quit my well-paying job even before the 2-year mark

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· You dislike the industry
· You lose the willpower
· You lose your peace
· You‘ll have a future job
· Takeaway

You dislike the industry

Here’s why I quit, took a pay cut, and got fired up to code

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· You’re under constant fear
· Overtime — underpaid
· You lack coding challenges
· You’re in conflict with the team
· You fail to gain experience
· Summary
· Resources

You’re under constant fear

Here’s what you should apply and be a faster Java reader

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1. Use crowd knowledge

Miloš Živković

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